Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why are writers like the NSA?

Why are writers like the NSA?

Writers and the National Security Agency like to eavesdrop!

Writers are keen observers of human interactions. They use their eyes and their ears to collect details that they can use to bring their characters to life. Like many writers I keep a notebook where I squirrel away ideas and observations that may find their way into a story. I am particularly fond of recording snippets of conversation that I hear during the day. 

For example, earlier this week I was walking into the Panera restaurant (one of my favorite collecting spots) in Uniontown. I held the door for a couple who appeared to be in their mid sixties. The man said "You shouldn't let her get under your skin...cut her some slack...after all she is eighty two." The woman's sharp reply was "Well then I guess she's been eighty two for the last 40 damn years!"

I'm not sure how but I am sure at some time in the future this couple may appear in one of my pieces. Other artists have to go to the art supply shop for their materials, we writers can find everything we need where ever we go. The problem is our materials degrade very rapidly if they are not stored properly. Keeping a pocket memo book or carrying a journal allows a writer to trap these elusive gems of human existence and to store theme for future reference. 

Remember, eavesdropping is rude, but if you're a writer, its not eavesdropping, its research!

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Keep writing! Thanks--LVW              

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