Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is "Spritzing" the future of reading?

I just watched a Charlie Rose interview with the founders of "SPRITZ" Spritz is a new digital reading system that instead of putting all of the words on a page simultaneously, presents them to the reader one at a time. In addition the letter which is the focal point of the word is printed in red to attract the eye. They made the point that our current system of presenting text was created to carve words into the stone walls of temples. This system was carried over when paper came along. The Spritz designers claim that people can read up to a 1,000 words per minute with their system. I visited their website ( ) and it is truly an amazing system, I can't imagine this will ever replace books (Remember--I'm an old codger Dang Nabbit!) but it could make reading on electronic devices much easier. I have to agree with Gandhi who said, "There is more to life than increasing its speed." but this is an interesting idea. I suggest you check it out.  

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Keep writing.

Jim Busch

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