Friday, August 14, 2015

Opportunities to Publish Your Non-Fiction Writing

Creative Non-Fiction is a magazine dedicated to publishing quality non-fiction articles, memoirs and essays. Founded by Lee Guttkind, the self proclaimed "Godfather" of the creative non-fiction genre, this literary magazine publishes the work of some of America's greatest writers as well as pieces from new writers. Currently their website ( ) lists two contests and a request for queries for its regular columns.

Creative non-fiction is distinguished by its use of fiction writing techniques to make non-fiction pieces more engaging for the reader. A thoughtful reading of Creative Non-fiction magazine is a great way to learn from the masters of this medium and enhance your writing. Another way to polish your writing skills is to join the Ligonier Valley Writers. Check out to join or to learn about upcoming event and seminars.

Thanks for reading.

Jim Busch

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