Saturday, February 21, 2015

Louise Penny on Developing a Character

My wife and kids accuse me of watching "Nerd TV." Perhaps they are right because one of my favorite shows is "Well Read," which airs on the cable channel WQEDW (201 on my cable system). I just watched a fascinating interview with Louise Penny, author of the Inspector Armand Gamache mystery series. When asked how she created the character, Ms. Penny replied, "I imagined him as the kind of man I would like to marry." Contrary to the advice given to most first time authors, she said that she didn't consider the market when she created the first book in her series. She did not expect the book to be published, so she wrote for her own enjoyment. Ms. Penny wanted the act of writing the book itself to be her reward, her payoff,  for doing the work. She advised writers to embrace the act of writing, "You might write ten pages about a handsome man your encounter or ten pages about a bouquet of roses." These pages probably won't be part of your finished book, but write them anyway."

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Keep writing, keep thinking , and keep the ideas flowing.

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Jim Busch     

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